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الميہ مشرقي پاكستان

الميہ مشرقي پاكستان

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Almiya Mashriqi Pakistan

Compiler: Mawlana Abd al-Ghani

Consisting of twenty-four Quran durus delivered during the split of Bangladesh from Pakistan. This work was initially intended to be part of Durus al-Quran but was later printed separately. 

Allamah Shams al-Haq Afghani once wrote to Mawlana Abd al-Ghani and informed him that the connection between the two of them will remain until Qiyamah. Mawlana Abd al-Ghani has preserved the knowledge of Allamah Shams al-Haq Afghani by compiling over twenty volumes of his teachings.

  • Cover: Hardback
  • Language: Urdu
  • Compiler: Mawlana Abd al-Ghani
  • Publisher: Maktabah Shams al-Haq Afghani
  • Pages: 
  • Size: 22.5 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 400 (gram)
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